Choose from  3 acts for Christmas. All fun, all highly interactive. All are totally unique.


1. Elves on Reindeer ?

Taking the Reindeer out training for the big night, these two cheeky elves are experienced animal wranglers.

Give your company's Christmas cocktails, shopping centre strip, or pre-christmas festival that extra zing as these two rove and take Christmas orders directly to Santa. 

2. Fixing Elves 

Escaped from Santa's Workshop, and wanting to play with people, these sneaky elves will bring all their tools to make sure you're ready for Christmas. They will tighten up looses ears, measure limbs and generally ensure all your working bits remain well oiled. Don't crack your funny bones laughing or they'll bandage more than you bargained for.

3. Musical Elves 

While they look the same as the Fixing Elves  above, they perform a very different role, a musical role using Flute and Percussion which can be shared out among audience (if appropriate), playing favourite Christmas carols.)