Appliance Power Consumption Calculator

A calculator that may help you reduce your Energy bills.

                     Appliance Watts Usage $ Month $ Year   



Clock Radio (in use)


Clock Radio (standby)


Coffee Maker


Washing Machine


Clothes Dryer






Electric Blanket (single)


Electric Blanket(double)


Ceiling Fan




Hair Dryer


Heater (portable)


Clothes Iron


Microwave Oven(in use)


Microwave Oven(standby)


Computer (awake)


Computer (asleep)


Radio (stereo)


Refrigerator (frostfree, 300 litres)


Television (19")


Television (27")


Television (36")


Television (53"-61" Projection)


Television (Flat Screen)




Toaster Oven


VCR (in use)


VCR (standby)


DVD player


Vacuum cleaner


Water heater (200 litres)


Water pump (deep well)


Water Bed (w/heater)


You can change the pre set watts according to your appliance.
This Calculator utilizes the current charge for electricity as $0.1388 per kilowatt-hour.
If you would like to change the rate used in the calculations above,enter a new rate below and click the "Update" button.


per kWh


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