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2005 Artist Books

Books made for the Black and White Books Exhibition

'Dark Side of the Rose'

Materials handmade paper, card, tyvek, artificial roses, ribbon, inkjet, gocco print, mixed media in bookcloth covered box.

Description concertina scroll in box

Artist Statement This work looks at the rose seeing the rose as a symbol of colonisation, particularily British colonisation. The 'English' rose has spread over the world, the intertwined rose stems symbolise the chaining together of the Commonwealth countries. The white side of the book references the conforming nature of white picket fences & rose gardens.

'Shades of Grey'

Materials paper clay, hemp paper, lino etching, inkjet prints, bookcloth, card & hand-dyed linen thread

Description coptic binding paper clay and hemp paper in a box.

Artist Statement Just as in life, in nature there is no such thing as true black and white. This book was inspired by a beach on the East coast of King Island. 'Black' and 'white' sands made wonderful patterns on the shoreline.

Copyright 2007 Gail Stiffe