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Papermaking for Schools

Papermaking is an ideal activity for schools it is very easy to learn and is of interest to students from preschool through to the senior years of secondary schooling. It can be used as an adjunct to environmental studies or could be part of the art studies.

I've run classes with grade two's where I had 50 in each session. They were studying change of matter and in one hour each student had participated in some way to produce about 10 sheets of paper.

I also taught a whole school (over five days) about papermaking and bookbinding.

Each class had 1.5 hours of lesson in which they watched me make several sheets of paper made a small piece for themselves then viewed a range of artist books and made a simple single section binding for themselves.

I am available to come to schools in the Melbourne metropolitan area most school days. I have enough equipment for 15 students and if equipment were shared could handle up to 30 students. I could demonstrate or run workshops.

For more details contact me at the address below or send an email and I'll contact you.

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