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Cyanotypes Papermakers of VictoriaSunday 29 March 2015 Coopers Settlement Bundoora

Journey; an Artist Book from Go to Whoa July 1 to July 7 In Ballarat Make a unique artist book incorporating handmade papers, suitable for anyone with an interest in books whether or not they have done any papermaking. The class will start by making a mould and deckle, the only specialist piece of equipment required for papermaking. At least three sample books will be made including piano hinge, toji and accordion with hard cover, one of these styles will be chosen for the major project. Participants will learn about making pulp from plants and from other papers and will make sheets of paper incorporating various decorative techniques including pulp painting, embossing and watermarks.

Plant Fibre papermaking Papermakers of VictoriaSunday 25 October 2015 Coopers Settlement Bundoora

Denim and Lace

Used high quality pulp made from denim and cotton sheeting to create special papers. Learn about the history of watermarks and how to make permanent and temporary watermarks for your own moulds. Make watermarks from a variety of materials including lace, blutac and copper wire and use them for identification and as an artform.

From Plant to Paper

Learn how to turn common garden plants and weeds into paper. Learn techniques for harvesting, preparation, cooking, beating and sheet forming. Paper can be made from cumbungi, NZ Flax, grasses, red hot poker and many barks. The morning will be spent preparing fibre and the afternoon making many sheets of paper from different fibres. The paper is suitable for collage, cards and some for writing on. Suitable for beginners and those who have done some papermaking.

Coptic Binding plus variations

The Copts, a group of early Christians based in Egypt as early as the 2nd century CE, developed the distinctive style of book known as the Coptic binding. In this class students will learn how to create the trademark Coptic spine stitch that resembles a chain stitch as used in embroidery. They will also be given the opportunity to explore variations on the stitch such as the crossover Celtic Binding. Some advantages of these types of binding are that the cover material doesnÕt need to be flexible so timber, metal and clay can all be used for covers along with the usual covered card. Another advantage is that the book can lay flat very well so is extremely suitable for a sketch book, it can also open right out and form a circle making it a very suitable binding for sculptural books. Materials list provided on application.


Papermakers of Victoria Inc is mentoring a very special workshop in conjunction with the Shared Journeys exhibition.

The workshop will enable you to make a one-off book using Australian plant fibres incorporating at least twelve different plant fibre papers. The book will include information about the plants and how the paper was made, printed onto handmade Australian eucalyptus paper. The white text paper has been hand made using an Australian plantation grown eucalyptus blend pulp. These papers were created using the historic equipment employed by Kayes and Sonja van Bodegraven (Mould and Deckle Paper mill) during a major commission of 15,000 hand made sheets for the Crafts Council of Australia’s publication “Crafts of Australia” - first World Crafts Exhibition - 1974 Toronto, Canada. It was thought appropriate that the still attached watermarks of a kangaroo designed by award winning graphic designer, Douglas Annand, be retained to commemorate the ongoing commitment to and growth of the art and craft of hand paper making in Australia since that time.

Each book will feature a spine of Australian timber and a unique binding that has been specially devised for this book by the tutor Gail Stiffe. Cover paper will include images of Melbourne. All materials will be provided.

I currently run occasional workshops in my home studio contact me and I will arrange a class.

  • Coptic Binding -

    Two needle coptic binding will be taught in this class. The morning will be spent preparing covers and text block and the afternoon on the sewing. This is a very flexible sewing structure which can be adapted to celtic and greek binding and is very useful for sculptural books.

  • Introduction to papermaking - Studio class

    Topics covered include paper selection, sheet formation, embossing, inclusions and decorative techniques

  • Oriental Binding - Studio class

    Make several styles of oriental binding with your own paper or with some of the beautiful oriental papers available in the shops.

  • Soft cover sewn through spine Binding - Studio class

    Make a soft cover book which can be used for drawing or writing in or for storing and displaying your special photos.

  • Papermaking pulp painting & decorative papers - Studio class

    Learn to use many different techniques for decorating paper and for making artworks from paper.

  • Watermarks and paper from denim - Studio class

  • Christmas cards and packaging - Studio class

    Studio classes will be limited to 5 participants and each class will cost $60 which includes afternoon tea and most materials. Classes will not run if there are less than two enrollments. Participants should enroll no less than 1 week before the class. Information about location, materials etc will be sent on enrollment. Any Questions? Email

    Workshop Content

    Festive Cards and Gifts from Handmade Paper

    Make creative gifts, cards and gift boxes out of your own handmade paper.

    Over two sessions Gail Stiffe will show you how to make your own unique recycled and natural fibre paper and will demonstrate the potential of this fantastic medium to create beautiful and personal gifts and cards.


    Discover the specific skills and techniques needed to make paper. Learn how to use this paper to make your own artworks, cards and books.

    This course will cover:

    This course is suitable for beginners who have never tried papermaking and for those wishing to refresh and extend their knowledge of papermaking in order to make a range of gifts for the festive season.


    Students will learn the skills to make a range of different decorative papers and to incorporate these papers in collages, gift boxes, cards, bookmarks and books. They will come away from the workshop with a range of items suitable for gift giving.


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