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Breeding healthy, happy Balinese & Siamese cats and kittens in an holistic environment


Welcome to our new website!

We finally have our new website up and running, though it is still not completed.

We have lots of interesting things happening in 2015, please feel free to come back and visit!

    Lhasa & Ashanti



About Gautama

Gautama Divine Balinese & Siamese are a boutique cattery in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, We became a registered cattery in 1995, breeding, at that time Balinese, after a short while we also included Siamese so we could increase our gene pool as the Balinese in Australia were very limited, and still are.

We are an intergrated cattery, this means we use a mixture of natural, and mainstream philosophies and have a holistic approach to the welfare of our animals, we feed a natural diet, with red and white meats, both minced and chopped, fresh raw chicken wings, and a small amount of grains and vegies, such as they would find in the wild, a cats natural prey are birds, rodents and rabbits, all of which eat grains & veg's and which, in turn, the cat would eat.

We feed a small amount of natural dry food, especially in summer as it dosn't take long for meat to turn, price is not indicative to quality I have found, in dry foods, so we only use the natural or holistic types.

We also follow a minimal vaccination regime and worm and deflea when needed, not routinely.

Several years ago i completed a Feline genetics course with Cornell University USA which has given me insight to cat breeding that I would never have had, since then I have developed my understanding of genetics further and given several lectures and talks over the years on the subject.

As Group One Judges, we had the opportunity to travel and judge many cats accross Australia and enjoyed our assigments very much, but at the start of 2011 we both decided to retire from judging, we also semi-retired from showing and have spent our time since, devoted to our cats, job and home.

News Flash -

I have recently decided to start judging again and have been reinstated mid this year (2014/2015) -


We want the very best for our guys, and believe that they should all be house cats and pets first, breeding or showing second.

We only sell kittens that will remain in your home, as a part of your family, we do not have 'breeding stock' we have living breathing animals that need love and attention, We do not cage our cats, though as entire males have special needs, our boys do have large heated insulated rooms with large runs to play in.

We only sell entire kittens to small catteries as we feel they can provide the special attention that we wish for our babies.

All of our cats and kittens are sold on condition that they get at least some fresh meats in their diet and that they remain house cats and not allowed to roam the streets, or be caged.

We have only ever let a handful of entire girls out for breeding, but since the end of 2010, when we found out that one of our entire girls had been dumped interstate and was living in a cage, we no longer sell entire Balinese within Australia.

Our kittens are desexed prior to leaving.


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