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Our Boys

Here you will find information on our boys, whether Balinese, Siamese or Siamese Variant


Ch. Sharifa's Buddha Gautama (Imp Germany)


D.O.B 15.04.2012

Ch. Barbar Vom Speyerbach x Birrigen Azure Gaze (Imp Finland)

Since the moment Buddha arrived, we fell in love! Buddha is such an angel, he is a very loving, playful boy with a very purry nature.

Buddha has a wonderful pedigree, with his mum being imported from Finland and his dad having a mixture of nationalities behind him, we feel not only will he bring a whole new dimension of type and style to us but also a health found from such a diversity of pedigree.

We could not be happier with our new baby boy and would like to thank Angelika and Gerhard so much for entrusting this fine young man to us.


Buddha is a pure for Choc, Tabby pt Siamese.


  • Buddha
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CCCA Sapphire Tpl Gd Ch. Gold Ch Gautama Shiva Linga (Hons)


D.O.B 14.8.2006

Gautama Ghenrezig x CCCA Ch. Gold Ch. Gautama Dhyana

In Sanskrit, Linga means a 'mark' or a symbol. Thus the Shiva Linga is a symbol of Lord Shiva.


My Shiva man, this big beautiful sooky man was only going to stay for a little while, but we just couldn't let him go, he is an angel to have around, never a problem and when he looks up at you with those stunning blue eyes you just melt.

When Shiva was a baby we thought he had a great coat, full and long, so he would be worth having around and having some babies from, but as he developed and aged his magnificent boning, sapphire blue eyes and adorable nature won us over and we couldn't move him on, so, several years later, Shiva is a part of our home and hearts.

Shiva has had a wonderful career on the show bench, recieving one of the highest titles ever for a Balinese in this country, he enjoyed his show life, as long as he got belly rubs inbetween judging!


Shiva is a pure for Blue Pt Balinese and is at closed stud.


  • Shiva
  • Shiva Linga

  • Syrecks trade Secret

  • Spook


    Okonor Szilard (Imp Hungary) X Syrecks Sworn to Secrecy


  • Spooky is our new little (or NOT so little) boy, he will help us with not only our White Longhair program but also maybe even our shorthair program :)

  • I just love his type, with his big bat ears hanging off his head - absolutely gorgeous!

  • He is a darling to have and has a real sooky nature - just lovely! Thank you to Marg & Brian from Syrecks for this angel

  • Spook is a Foreign White Shorthair and is at closed stud
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