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There were two series of these cards: Wild Animals (1973) and Dinosaurs (1975).
They are quite nice 3D pictures.

There are eight in the Dinosaur series...

3D Dinosaurs
 1. Tyrannosaurus               2. Corythosaurus              3. Protoceratops                  4. Triceratops     

3D Dinosaurs
 5. Stegosaurus               6. Ankylosaurus              7. Brontosauros (sic)             8. Dimetrodon     


The Wild Animal set has ten cards all up...

3D Wild Animals    


3D Wild Animals    

3D Wild Animals      3D Wild Animals

  1.  Giraffe       
 2.  Tiger        
3.  Moose    
 4.  Elephant  
5.  Eagle     
6.  Lion       
7.  Zebra     
8.  Leopard  
9.  Crocodile
 10.  Parrot       

Thankyou to Libby Brown who sent me images of the two cards I was missing from this list - the Moose and Eagle.

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