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Cereal Boxes

I have the following items.  If anyone is interested in obtaining any of these, let me know...

 Weet-Bix panel from the late 1950s.


Weet-Bix Box

The competition advertised on
the back of this Weet-Bix box has
a close date of May, 1976.


Kornies Box

This Kornies box has a use by date of Feb 1982.


Weeties Star Wars panel

This is just the panel as you see
above. The lower right corner has
been cut off.

"Wallace & Gromit" cereal box back panel


"The Tigger Movie" cereal box back panel

"Flying Sea Creatures From Planet Aerobolo" cereal box back panel


Crazy Bones cereal box back panel


Yowie front panel          Yowie rear panel 



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