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I have various areas of Cereal related items, but my main interest is in the
product made by R&L. Please choose a link from here...

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(written by Craig Hall)

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It is important to me that I have accurate information on this site.
If anyone finds anything that is wrong, please send me an
email with the correction, and I will fix it  ASAP. Thanks.

I wish to acknowledge those people who help me with information, pictures, items, etc. Please go to my THANKS page...

On this site, I have used some pictures that I believe are fairly common in collector circles. These are mainly pictures from cereal box panels. In most cases, I do not have the original, and I don't necessarily know who actually has it. If you see a picture of which you believe you have the original, please let me  know so I can credit it to you (if you want).


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