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I used to build Lego spaceships for my Fringies! For a while, there, one of the prerequisites for a Fringie to join the spaceship  crew was that he (she/it?) had to have their "silly" loop removed, unless it was suitably disguised as hair, or something! I mean,  there was none of this "hang them up with string" business -- a Fringie in the Lego Space Corps was a serious toy -- the loop had to come off!! As a result of this policy, you will see that some of my original Fringies are loopless. It would seem, though, that this  may have been a common policy elsewhere, since I see many other Fringies around who have also had their loops removed!

A family shot of my
original Fringies...

Fringie group photo 

Back row: Hoppinge, Twinge, Sniffinge, Gringe
Middle row: Winge, Piginge, Turninge                
Front row: Kinge, Puddinge, Snozzinge, Fringe

...and a reconstruction of one of their
early spacecraft...

Fringie spacecraft

Now, there are no records of Fringie Lego spacecraft built back in the early
1970's, but this is a reconstruction from memory. I suspect that later craft
were more sophisticated looking, but this model would have had places
inside for the crew to stand, and a removable roof to facilitate that. This
craft was probably based on the Jupiter2 (from "Lost in Space"), but
translated to the slightly more "squarish" requirement of Lego back then...!


I have managed to complete my set of Fringies (and am now trying to get them all in the different colours).


Nuttinge Swinge Puffinge Spinge

Nuttinge Swinge Puffingre Spinge

Thankyou to Brett who helped me with a Puffinge, and Janet who gave me my final missing item - a Spinge.

Does anyone have any of the Australian cereal box panels for the Fringies, or copies of them? I have some b/w photocopies, but would like to get some good colour copies. I will gladly pay costs for a colour photocopy, or if you have a scanner, you could email me a 200dpi scan (a JPEG conversion of this is fine - just try to keep the quality as good as possible). Thanks.



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