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Other Cereal Toy Stuff...

I didn't really know what to call this page. It is here for a few bits and pieces that I have come across...


Grabba's "Wort"

Grabba Gram is one of the "Metric Monsters" series. My understanding is that this series was not made by R&L. Does anyone  know who made them?
I think most collectors, who actually want to have them, have a set of Metric Monsters, but did you know that there is a variation in Grabba Gram? It's not particularly distinctive, but if you look just above the left eye, some Grabba Grams have a lump, or "wart", and others don't.

Compare Grabbas with and without wort 
The Grabba on the left has the wort.

Close up of Grabba's wort


Missing Bucket

Have a look at this cow from the "Farmyard Friends" series, still attached to the sprue, and still sealed in the wrapper...

Cow on sprue, missing bucket

There is no bucket! The bucket, used as a weight to make the cow walk along a table, should be in the centre of the assembly. I  presume it was broken off the sprue somewhere in the manufacturing process, before it was wrapped. Has anyone else seen this  sort of thing - pieces missing from sealed packets?


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