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Being a fan of Space and Science Fiction, this set really appeals to me. I remember obtaining most of the items, back when they came out. Unfortunately, all I have left from then is the Lunar Module and Space Station -- both suffering extensive damage!


Space Age 

Side Panel                                  Side Panel

With the Space Station, I always thought the little "shuttlecock" part was meant to be a space capsule, which could dock onto the station.  To me, it was a disappointing part because it seemed to be unfinished - with holes in the side and no base!  That was, until I found this picture recently in a book called "A History of Rockets and Space", printed in the early 1960s... 

Space Station

The part I thought was a capsule, is supposed to look like it does because it is actually part of the Space Station!
This is one of the many spaceship and space station designs, from the 1950s, by the Convair company.

Thanks to Kim D. who found a reference to where the idea for the Moon Vehicle came from...

  Rocket Stories
[With thanks to Phil for this image, from his site at ]

This magazine is dated 1953.  The same picture appeared in the book "We Land on the Moon: Based on NASA's Project Apollo", by John Raymond 1963 ( ).

A similar design was used for a toy called MOLAB.


Thanks again to Kim D. for this image.  The MOLAB was part of a range of toys called Spacex II (made in Hong Kong by Pippin Products, for Rovex-Triang) which came out in the early 1970s.


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