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And here is the "wants" list...We all dream of that ultimate collection... Every item of every set...!
I know that there are those of you who may well have achieved that goal, or are at least well on the way there.
Without spending a lot of money, though, in my case, this goal will always be a dream...
I'm fairly much concentrating my collecting on the sets I remember from childhood.
    My favourite solids sets are;

    Nep-Tunes [21]
    Fringies [24]
    Tooly Birds [28]
    I am trying to collect all of these in as many colours as I can. Have a look here for a list of what I am after.

    I'm now colour collecting Vegetable Sports [23] and Corny Canines [33].
    Let me know if you have any of these spare.

    I have a pink Zany Zoo (or Animad [52]) tortoise which is missing its head. Does anyone have a spare pink head?! I have some spare Puppet People [25] and Crazy Camel Train [20] bits - let me know if you’re after any of these.

    I'm generally after any items from these R&L series;
    Space Age [15]
    Crater Critters
    Camel Train [20]
    Nursery Rhymes [30] & Roll a Goal ball games
    Pirates [34]
    Totem Pole [37]

I am also after a colour copy of a full Fringies back panel (Australian) - surely someone has one of these?! - and any images of the Creepy Monster back panel.

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