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Site Update History  
"Breakfast Barons, Cereal Critters and the Rosenhain and Lipmann Legacy", the definitive authority on the Breakfast Cereal industry in  Australia and the Rosenhain & Lipmann company, is available.  Click here for details.

Top two cereal items I am chasing:

1. Colour copy of the complete Australian "Fringies" cereal box back panel.
2. Colour copy of the "Monster Menagerie" cereal box back panel.

If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful (I may well have a copy of a panel that you don't have).

    Wow... this site is over 11 years old, now!  Thankyou to the many people who have contacted me over that time and who have helped me with my collection.  Some of you I have swapped with & others have been so generous with free or low cost offers... thankyou so very much.  My collecting is about my love of these little links to times past, and not about making profit - I have never sold any item I have ever obtained.

    Although I have not put anything in this section for quite some time, I am still here and looking for more swaps to try and fill some remaining holes in my collection!

    I am always happy to get emails with questions, and I will always reply (although it may not always be straight away!).

    I am still looking for a copy of a full Monster Menagerie and Fringies back panel... surely some people must have these!!  I have copies of many other panels which I am more than happy to share around.

    Where are the collectors in Bendigo?!  I live near Bendigo... but I have yet to meet anyone with similar interest.

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Added more info to the Space Age page.

    Updated Wants info (I’m looking for a pink Zany Zoo tortoise head).

    Updated the Gallery page, and added pictures of my collection.

    Updated Swaps list.

    Site update! I wanted to get away from using frames, so I have made some modifications to the Site. There may be some glitches, as I am also using a different editor to build the Site, and I have had to unfortunately rebuild some of the pages to suit the new software.

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Wow - Where did 2005 go?!  My cereal stuff has only recently started to come out of storage, so I hope to get back into it, as it were...  I will be updating my Swaps and Wants lists in the next few days.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.  Has it been that long since I did an update?!!  Things in the "cereal toy department" have been quiet for me, for a while, but I have been particularly busy the past six months with moving house.  I have been relocated, by my employer, to Bendigo!  If you are in the Bendigo area, please be sure to contact me...

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Updated the Creepy Monsters & Thanks & Links pages.

     Updated Wants list (thanks to Dave D., who helped me with some items), R&L & Me, and added contact information page - email

    Thanks to Alan S.,  who has provided some great information on the Creepy Monsters card series...

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.



    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Updated Swaps list.

    Well, I have now finished a major video project, so I can spend a bit of time here!  I've updated a few pages here and there.
    I've added some more to the Space Age and Moose Tooly Birds pages, and updated R&L & Me.

    About time I did an update!  Actually, I have been doing the occasional tweak here and there over the past months...
    I have now just updated a few pages (mainly ironing out a few small bugs), including adding some extra information on the Moose Tooly Birds.
    I've also updated my Swaps and Wants list.  Note that the new "Bits" section linked from these pages is currently "Under Construction"!

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    A big thanks to Scott M.  who has provided some information on the Creepy Monsters, including the correct name of this series: Monster  Menagerie...

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Updated Wants list.

    Updated Crater Critters page.
    Added a panel to the Cereal Boxes page.

    Updated Craig Hall's new book page.
    Updated Swaps list.

    Updated Swaps list (note addition of Kingly Critter with crown!).

    Added page to advertise Craig Hall's new book.
    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Added new page - What they were called.

    Updated Space Age page.

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.

    Added to Swaps list.

    Sorry if you have tried to get to my Site recently, and not been able to - It would seem that my ISP has had some trouble, and they somehow  managed to delete half my site!
    I have now, hopefully, reloaded all the missing files.  Please email me if you find any problems going to any pages... 

    Updated Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.
    Updated Thanks & Links page.

    Added  a Space Age item to my Swaps list.
    Updated Wants list.
    Updated Thanks & Links page.

    Just a few minor changes to some pages, and a small update to my Swaps list.

    Would anyone like me to email them when I do an update?  I'm happy to send a quick generic message to anyone who wants to know when I  do an update here...  Just send me a email and I'll add you to the list.

    A recent "find" means I have a bunch of new Swaps, and some changes to my Wants list.

    Hi again - Wow, has it been that long since my last update?!  I am between video projects, so I have a bit of time to do some work here!

    Thanks to Randy who has given me some pictures of a couple of Tooly Birds in a colour I have not seen before.  Have a look in
     Items I am not sure of... (in the Colour section).

    Yowies are now cereal toys!  Go to the Cereal Boxes page for a look at panels from the latest Australian cereal toy series.

    Added  some items to my Swaps list.

    Can anyone help me with the following Australian cereal box back panels (just copies or scans will do)?  I am after a full Nep-tunes and a full  (colour) Fringies.  I am also looking for the panel from the Monster card series (see my Creepy Monsters page - I have yet to find anyone  who knows much about this series).  

    Hi all...Time for a bit of an update!  Sorry that I have not done much here for a while.  I do a bit of desktop video production, in my spare  time, and this year has seen various family & friend's events which I have filmed and need to produce - And video editing takes a lot of  time!!
    Anyway, I have updated a few pages - just small adjustments.  I've also brought my Swaps page up to date.

    Removed items from the Swaps list, due to some swapping.

    Removed items from the Swaps list, due to some swapping.

    Removed items from the Swaps list, due to some swapping.

    Removed some items from the Swaps list, due to some swapping (thanks Libby).
    Updated Wants list (thanks to Libby for helping me out with a Ball-Lobbing Carrot).

    Updated Kellogg's 3D Cards, to add the two missing cards (thanks to Libby for sending me images of these).
    Added a couple of Wallace & Gromit figures to the Swaps list.

    Added a picture to the Gallery.
    Added the back panel from the latest cereal toy series, in the Cereal Boxes page.

    Updated Swaps list, due to some swapping.
    Added Stilty Carrot to Swaps list.
    Added some text on Crater Critters page.

    Updated Swaps list.

    Updated Kellogg's 3D Cards, to add the card numbers and titles. 
    Added link to Crater Critters from Index page.
    Added descriptions to pictures (when cursor is placed over) in Fringies, Neptunes & Tooly Birds pages. 
    Updated text on Crater Critters page.

    Added new page - Crater Critters.
    Updated a few other pages with minor text changes. 

    Updated Swaps list.

    Season's Greetings and Happy New Year (and Century & Millennium!)...It's about time I did an update.  Due to some significant  projects leading up to the end of 2000, I have been unable to spend as much time on this as I would have liked.
    I have added a couple of new pictures to the  Gallery ...

    Updated Swaps to remove Zoo Choos, and some AstroNits and Thingummyjigs, due to some swaping.

    Updated Cereal Boxes section with some recent boxes.

    Updated Colour section with information supplied by Peter Markmann.
    Removed some pictures from the Gallery due to some swapping.

    Updated Wants, Swaps and MIP snaps, due to more swaps!

    Updated Swaps to remove Zoo Choo cow from MIP snaps, due to swap.

    Updated Swaps to add some MIP snaps...

    Updated Swaps and  Wants lists due to some swapping!

    Completed new Colour section, with four sub-pages,
    and put a link to there from the R&L Cereal Toys page.

    Added the partially complete first page of the newColour section.

    Updated Swaps list.

    Updated Thanks page to add link to new Brett's page.
    Reformatted Index page to see if categorising the entries makes it a little easier to find things (thanks to Robert for some feedback on this).

    Updated Sets I have none of to remove Polar Base [11] and Whirligigs [53].

    Updated Swaps and  Wants lists due to some swapping!

    Added a picture to the Gallery.

    Added info on green Kinges, toSwaps list.

    Added a picture to the Gallery.
    Fixed Thanks page so that when linking to other sites, they open in a full window.

    Added a picture to the Gallery.
    Removed an item from the Swaps list.
    Updated Creepy Monsters page with link to new Monster Gallery page.

    Added a picture to the Gallery.

    Fixed a few problems resulting from implementing frames.

    Added a side frame to the site to show the site index (a bit of an experiment, really...).
    Adjusted various pages to better fit the smaller main display area.
    Removed some items from the Swaps list.

Added a picture of my solids display to the Gallery.
Added a picture to the Gallery.
Updated Kellogg's 3D Cards page.
Added pictures of new Swaps.
Added James Kennedy to the Thanks page.
Added a picture to the Gallery.
Small change to Funny Flyers page.
Added a picture to the Gallery.
Updated Sets I have none of to remove Airport [10].
Added Crazy Animal [6] and 19th. Century Transport [1] items toSwaps list.
Added a picture to the Gallery.
Small changes to Swaps and Climbers page.
Removed various items from my Swaps list (thanks to some swaps with Robert Kerton).
Added Robert Kerton to the Thanks page.
Added a couple of pictures to the Gallery.
Added brown & white Birdie Golfer to Swaps list.
Updated Brett's entry on the Thanks page.
Added "Neptune Green" to the Otherstuff page.
Updated Sets I have none of to remove Superwheel [40].
Removed Swinging Pets Monkey & Buffalo from Wants list.
Updated Creepy Monsters page.
Started this page, and links to here from the Cereal Stuff Homepage, and the Index page.
Updated Sets I have none of to remove UFOs [72] (thanks to a swap with Peter Markmann).
Added 3D Animal cards to Swaps list.


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