At Hamboskate we aim to bring you the best deals on Skate gear available.  We source good deals and minimise costs such as postage and banking charges so that we can pass the savings on to you and hopefully you will come back and buy more stuff in the future.














Special Deck Deal

8.75 inch wide old school shapes only $70









Payment and Shipping Details

contact or send a personal message via or call my new number 0439 584 121 to place an order. 

Postage is generally as follows:

Wheels $5
Trucks $5
Decks $10   (buy 3 decks and get free shipping)
Completes $20

I will combine shipping wherever possible to minimise the cost.

Melbourne guys can arrange to meet me at Newport Skate Park for free delivery.  Handy if you want to pay cash too.


Payment by Money Order, Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer.  I'll give you those details when you place your order.