Kayak Solitude
Leaving the busy hub of ones working world to venture onto the fluid highway, experience a change in pace and a feeling of total freedom that is nothing short of magic.

I had over the years paddled mostly on my own. During this time met a great number of people on the water who also get the same buzz out of Kayaking. I have learned a lot from sharing information and ideas with other more experienced paddlers during this time.
These pages are here to share some of these paddles with those who wish they could but cannot find the time to paddle and those who find the time and just looking for another place to go.

Kayaking qualifies as a risky activity. The key to safety is to know your limits. The aware paddler anticipates before things go wrong. Hence safety is a very important part of this enjoyment, a well prepared paddler should rarely if ever come to grief. I always paddle with a PFD, always get the latest weather forecast, always research areas you are unfamiliar with. It is important to remember that conditions on the water can change rapidly and often unpredictably. If you wish to gain extra skills then joining a local Kayak Club or a commercial operator who can provide accredited training is the best choice.

Never Assume - Knowledge is not Experience - Experience is Knowledge

I have often been asked why do I wear a PFD when I am only doing a short paddle on a calm day ? ......... The same reason I wear a seat belt when I get in my car.

We are blessed to have such a scenic and diverse expanse of water along our beautiful coastline make the best of it and enjoy.

This site started on 02/02/1999

Over time the site will contain additional information that may be of use to anyone venturing on the water.