What's Happening
This page is for General information that may be of interest to the paddlers that are always looking for something different to do.

29 - Sept 2007 The meeting place has changed. There is now a calendar of events that will over time display yearly recurring Kayaking events around Australia and other dates relevant to paddling.

30 - July 2007 Just returned from another Whitsunday paddle. Photos are up. One of the best trips of 14 days on the water along with perfect weather. More photos to follow on this page.

27 - March 2007 Yes the page is still being updated, but running out of room as my ISP informs me from time to time (price you pay for your own 'nearly' free non advertising web page). So the updates are a bit slower but still happening. Rock and Roll 2007 another great weekend Photos (coming soon after I reduce the size of the photos)

21 - January 2006 As most of you now know Andrew McAuley, a member of the NSWSK Club, who daringly kayaked all the way from Tasmania to New Zealand, went missing off the Fiordland coast of NZ. He is now presumed lost at sea. A Memorial Service for Andrew McAuley will be held on Monday 26th February, 2:00pm at Macquarie Lighthouse, Old South Head rd. Vaucluse.

2 - December 2006 Andrew McAuley departs for the Trans Tasman crossing. Link

21 - August 2006 No updates during September, gone paddling North QLD. Will be back in October with some nice pics.

7 - July 2006 Back on the net. So what's happening? Plenty of paddles this time of the season with many whales heading north. We have been out there but they have been around 8km off shore. We did sight a large pod of Orcas last weekend and they were in a hurry.

27 - April 2006 Web Updates have been slow.... PC needs replacing.. They tell me it will take some time.... hopefully not too long. Paddles continue through Winter but not usually put on the web.

11 - 13 Mar 2006 Rock and Roll weekend at Port Stephens. See details NSWSK

4/5 -February 2006
Paddle Polaris. At Wallis lakes. For further information Wild Horizons

30 -December 2005
Merry Christmas to all. Another great Paddling year and continues to get better. I sometimes reflect on the paddles over the last 12 Months and my pick has to be Whitsunday and Caves Beach. Two very different paddles but equally enjoyable. For those who may have missed a few paddles.. don't forget to refresh the Calendar. Also remember that not all trips are posted on the web. Have a great new year.

2 -October 2005 Great pics of some Cave Kayaking see gallery Caves Beach

4 -August 2005 Put this in your diary. Patonga Beach Caravan Park September 9, 10 and 11, 2005. ACA Kayak activities.

2 -August 2005 Back from a great Paddle around the Whitsunday's. See gallery for photos.

27 -Mar 2005 Few more photos in the Odd Shots gallery. Also a great hideaway somewhere in the Hawkesbury.

11 -Mar 2005 Rock and Roll weekend at Port Stephens. (see gallery)

06 -Feb 2005 Congratulations to both Stephan M. and David H. achieving their Sea Skills through NSWSK well done.

22 -Jan 2005 Skill day a great success. See gallery

15 -Dec 2004 - To all the paddlers If I don't catch you between now and Christmas have a safe and happy one. Its been another great year for paddling. Henry.

02 DEC 2004 - Have had a few paddlers over the last few months indicating their interested in a day of skills. As the weather warms up why not.. If anyone who has paddled in any of the groups are interested let me know. If we get a few attend, I will see if some of the more skilled paddlers would mind sharing their time, knowledge and skills. Probably look at Ettalong or Lobster beach for the day.

27 -Nov 2004 - Other places (links page) updated. Good content at USK site.

04 - 05 DEC 2004 - Paddle Polaris - see here for details. A fun weekend for Kayakers. Also its heading up to Myall Lakes this year so not far to travel for anyone on the Central Coast, water temp should be just great.

14 Nov 2004
- Oyster Festival will be on Sunday 14th November this year. Click here for details Eat Oysters/ prawns and fresh seafood all day and Paddle Kayak. What's wrong with that?

12 Oct. 2004
- Great to see new faces on our paddles... also those who have turned up at all the different type of paddles over the last month. Those who wish to do a camping paddle and think they may enjoy an overnight paddle...There is one in November. If you enjoy this one then think about getting a partner and joining in on the Polaris paddle in December. . I have not been on one myself but I hear its great fun and as competitive as you want it to be. If you are not competitive but just want to enjoy.... then leave your work behind and do it. Hey its on a Sat and Sunday 3 hours north of Sydney... see below for details.

23 Sep 2004 - We are back from Fraser. Photos and trip details are progressively being updated.

If you know of any events that may interest you or others e-mail me and I will add it to this page.