The picturesque fishing village of PYRGADIKIA is one of Greece's best kept secrets on the mainland. Pyrgadikia Paradise Holiday Room Rentals overlook the Aegean Sea and surrounding mountains of the holy Agion Oros region. This is home to twenty monasteries and the 7,000 feet marble Mount Athos - the Holy Mountain of Orthodox faith.

The ancient city 'Piloros' was situated at the peninsula of Pyrgadikia . It is the second city where the army of Xerxes passed after the passage of the Athos canal. It is referred to in the Athens Alliance Catalogues until 433BC.

Pyrgadikia (or Agios Dimitrios) was established after 1922 by Asia Minor Greek refugees from Afthoni, Marmara. Today the village is one of Halkidiki's hidden treasures - serene and picturesque.

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About Us

PYRGADIKIA PARADISE HOLIDAY ROOM RENTALS offers family, twin or single rooms, with bathrooms, kitchens, air-conditioning, waterfront balconies, roof-top patio, BBQ area and parking. The village offers shops, tavernas and night life all set within the amphitheatre style village.

Enjoy the warm atmosphere of this unique location and in particular your friendly English and Greek speaking host, Katerina.

SUN     Enjoy the Greek summer sun from this secret coastal location.

WATER     Enjoy the blue Aegean water as you step from your room and into the sea for your morning swim.

MOUNTAINS    Enjoy majestic views of the surrounding mountains as they subside into the Aegean .

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Getting There

The village of Pyrgadikia is located between the beautiful peninsulas of Sithonia and Athos. It is 160 km east of Thessaloniki and the Airport.

By car from Thessaloniki you will be there in 90 minutes on the
beautiful coastal road

By bus from Thessaloniki there is a daily summer bus services

By boat you can cruise in and moor at the new marina

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Places to visit

During the Byzantine years, a wall was built which fortified the peninsula of Pyrgadikia . It started from the harbour and travelled west through the central church and then to the peak of the peninsula and ended in the northern shore. Today this large wall has only a few distinguished sections, of which the best preserved are on the northern slope of the peninsula.

AGIOS DIMITRIOS was the first church to be built in the village. The church was built by Greek monks dating back over 1,000 years. The late Nikiforos Houhlias was responsible for the many upgrades to the Church building and surrounding gardens.

On Pyrgadikia Beach is the Romantza Seafood Taverna. Enjoy a picturesque experience on the water's edge with the freshest seafood .
Tel: 30 23750 93223

The Sithonia Peninsula is renowned as one of Greece 's most spectacular coastlines, featuring beautiful beaches and bays set in secluded and tranquil locations. From Pyrgadikia, heading north along the coast road you encounter the turquoise waters of YALAKIA, SOLONIKIOU, TRANI AMOUDIA, PYRGOS AND VOURVOUROU. Heading east, only 3km from Pyrgadikia you encounter KAMBOS , a popular sandy beach which is ideal for sports like beach-volleyball and beach-soccer. You can also hire equipment for sea sports activities with other facilities including: restaurants, cafeterias, beach umbrellas and showers. It's beautiful sand, white pebbles and turquoise water makes for a relaxing day out.

Professional players are sure to find a game on the PORTO CARRAS 19 HOLE GOLF COURSE only 30 minutes drive from Pyrgadikia. For beginners or just looking to improve your game the Golf Club also organises group and individual lessons.

The ALEXANDER RASHKE TENNIS ACADEMY is also part of the Porto Carras Resort. The tennis facility is totally renovated with different surfaces, pro shop, bar and a full- time program with certified coaches. The Academy cooperates with the worlds most famous tennis facilities such as the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy and the Evert Academy in Florida .

VRAHOTO mountain is found to the north in the village of AGIOS NIKOLAOS . Agios Nikolaos was originally called Fournia and dates back to the 14th century a traditional style Greek village featuring many churches and white washed houses. For those who love hiking, you can walk to the crest from the Vetrino. The rocky mountain Vrahoto is 492 metres and the walk will take you one and a half hours. In the middle of the journey you will find the church of Ag . Georgiou, a beautiful example of popular architecture of the 19th century. At the top you can enjoy the view of the three peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos and central Halkidiki.

Mount Athos is situated in the third eastern peninsula of Halkidiki , covering 350 square kilometres. The Holy Mountain is completely dedicated to prayer and worship of God. Mount Athos is the oldest monastic republic still in existence.

A great way to marvel at some of the monasteries set on rocky outcrops is via a ferry cruise. Cruises around the Athos peninsula depart from OURANOUPOLIS and IERESSOS .

According to the Protocol of the monastic state only men are allowed to visit and hike around Agion Oros. Men wishing to visit the Holy Mountain are admitted by special permit only.

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