"One Heart One Soul"

Copyright Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Bray Park

Father Crean was farewelled in 1986 and Father Reid was appointed Parish Priest. Even though much of the building was complete, Father Des continued to nurture the community spirit within the parish and the school community. Celebration has always been integral to the life of the parish and in August 1988 the first Debutante Ball was held. This was organized by the Ozanam club - a club which continues to work actively within the parish.

In January 1991 Father Gerry Gogan became the next Parish Priest and he continued to foster the prayer and spiritual needs of the community until he retired in 1994.

Father Paul Walsh joined our community until April 2002. Father Paul worked tirelessly within the parish and school commuity and it was during his time as Parish Priest that Family Groups were established within the Parish.

The year 2002 saw another changing of the guard with Father Sean Lynskey appointed as Parish Priest and Father Rogasian Msami as Associate Priest. With Father Msami's transfer in 2005 another change took place with the arrival of Father Chinua Okeke to take up the positioin of Associate Priest.

The year 2013 was another year of great change when Father Msami returned to Holy Spirit, this time as Parish Priest. He was joined in 2014 by Father Gasper Mushi as Associate Priest. Both priests are continuing to build strong relationships with the school and the wider community.
Many groups exist within the parish community and each one, in its own unique way, adds to the faith and community dimensions of the Holy Spirit Parish.