"One Heart One Soul"

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Knights of the Southern Cross
The Knights of the Southern Cross is a Catholic based men's only organization dedicated to the spiritual and temporal welfare of its members It is a low-key group performing various duties for the wider parish community. Meetings are held once a month.

Community Connect
Within our Church Community there are a number of people who long for the companionship of others. Yet for any number of reasons these people are prevented from establishing those bonds of friendship. As a part of its ministry, Community Connect strives to overcome the isolation that these people experience by reconnecting them with their Church Community through a variety of social gatherings and/or home visits. The Group meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month in the Parish Centre at 10am.

Church Care
Volunteers vacuum, clean and dust the furniture and fittings in the church, clean the glass partitions, windows and doors. There are always vacancies on the cleaning roster so please consider giving 2 hours per months to help keep our church environment clean. For further information please contact the Parish Office.

Mowing and Landscaping
Our gardens and lawns need constant care and mowing, weeding, trimming, watering, etc. and these tasks are usually carried out by a faithful band of volunteers. More helpers are always needed and welcome.

Bereavement Group
The Bereavement Group represents our parish community at as many parish funerals as possible. We provide a visible support for those families and visitors who are unfamiliar with Catholic liturgy. The initial contact enables us to visit families later and to be the listening ear, supportive shoulder, or whatever they need as they enter into their grieving. While some families have much parish support, others face personal problems in coping with this deeply emotional experience. The Bereavement Group is happy to give loving help, if and when required, under the direction of our Parish Priest.