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Just a few hints at this stage

Supernova 250S

If you own a Supernova 250s - this is an abloutely BRILLIANT flowchart showing how it works.



Also check


Also note that to charge Nicads at 2c, set the capacity to twice the actual capacity of the battery, in order to over-ride the 1c limit in the device



Sanyo Battery Date Codes

First Character, Year Manufacture (Y='94, Z='95, A='96, B='97, c='98, D='99, E='00, and so on)

Second Character, Month (A= Jan, B=Feb, C= Mar., D=Apr., E=May......L= December)

Marking charged Batteries with rubber bands

Whenever you put a battery on charge, wrap a rubber band around it, and leave it on until you use it. That way, you'll remember it's the charged pack (unless it's run down in the ensuing days!)

Flying Wings

If you own more than one wing, or if you regularly travel to flying sites with someone else who also has one, make one wing about 1cm (approx 1/2 an inch) shorter than the other so that they "nest" into each other for ease of transport and storage.

The rest of my hints and building tips for flying wings are contained in the Review of the Zagi Flying Wing article on this site.


Electronics Projects for Radio Control

Check out http://www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/gadgets/gadgets.htm

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