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Other things you should know Before you start.


Types of aircraft outside the scope of this site include

Old Timers

    • These are either electric or internal combustion motors and are built in the style of old free-flight competition models.

 Hand Launch gliders (HLG)

    • About 1.5 metres span, very light and somewhat fragile.
    • Most successful are fibreglass, some balsa.
    • Require micro gear to keep the weight down to 400 grams or less.
    • Launched by throwing like a javelin or, if the wings are strong enough, by grabbing a wing tip and throwing like a discus - which gives greater height.

High Performance Specialist Winch Launched Models

    • About 3 metre span,
    • Multiple servos on wings,
    • Made of Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre
    • Launched by electric winch

High Performance Specialist Electric Models

    • F5B competition models
      • have a span of about 1.8 metres
      • have high powered electric motors drawing over 100 amps
      • use about 23 or more cell battery packs
      • Climb vertically at over 160kph (100mph)
    • Pylon racers
      • range from balsa to fibreglass and carbon fibre
      • have a span of 0.7 to 1.1 metres
      • fly faster than you would have believed possible(!)


    • which are fantastic to watch - but are not beginners to fly.

Aircraft Between the ranges described on this site

    • The main list of articles describes the popular sizes and types of planes - but there are many in-between (and bigger and smaller!!).



A high performance competition model.

Lots of cells go into these and they are NOT for beginners

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