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Industrial Scrubbing & Sweeping Services are specialists in scrubbing, degreasing, high pressure steam cleaning and sweeping of all types of floor surfaces including concrete, brick paving, bitumen, etc, based in Perth, Australia. We also specialise in the high pressure steam cleaning of high trusses, roof beams and walls.

We service all areas at all times to suit your individual needs. Forget all your problems with dust, oil, grease, chewing gum and spillages; we have a proven record with commercial and industrial companies, local councils and the servicing of cargo hold decks on naval ships. We achieve a very high standard and ensure a safe and clean environment for your clients and employees.

All work is completed with the minimum of fuss and disturbance and with quality service second to none at very competitive prices, regardless of whether the area is 200 square metres or 50,000 square metres. Our fleet of machinery is versatile enough to handle small areas with our pedestrian models, or larger areas with our ride-on power machines.

Contact us for personal service either on a one-off or a regular basis.

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Industrial Scrubbing & Sweeping Services Pty Ltd :: PO Box 2631, Malaga WA 6944
Phone (08) 9248 4141 :: Peter mob 0411 189 123 :: Scott mob 0411 491 126