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Well hello there, this webpage is a place for me to try out new stuff. This page is about all the stuff that i've always looked for on the net but could never find. (You know: type in "chinese GDP" in Google and 24 million webpages of porn turn up)

also some stuff about  Polish soccer and also about my hero - Collina.    

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My hero mister Collina, some call him the best referee in the world, but most call him Sexy



What does "CHUJ" mean? and other polish swear words


I know you download music of the internet, don't lie to me. To make the job easier, here are the best songs from the greatest bands. -> Here


Lost for words? Someone disrespect you? Find images that will convey what you are trying to say


Wondering what China's GDP is, wonder no longer - GDP


Feeling like a pansy? here is a poem for you


My collection of beer steins


Here is the guestbook - come one people, write something, i feel sad





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