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Hi, and welcome to OZIBILT MODELS home page. I have been involved with model railways from around the age of 10 as a child in the uk, and as an adult in Australia. Approximately 20years ago I began modelling the NSW railway scene after passing under a road bridge in Wollongong at the same time a bright, colourful 81 class was passing overhead. I was hooked and it went from there. In those days there was not the commercial range available that there is today and many things had to be hand built. When I came to Western Australia I was lucky enough to become involved with a small group of like minded Australian modellers. One of our members suggested we build a NSW layout for exhibition at the Perth A.M.R.A., for which I did the buildings. Subsequently it has gone on from there. A little while ago I took redundancy from my employment in the retail industry, as my health was not too good .I decided to try and combine the skills and experience learned from my modelling and work life .In addition to selling off my surplus models I have also constructed and sold models on ebay for approx 6 months. I will attempt almost anything, with the exception of loco kit building. To construct a building I will require plans and photographs if an exact replica is desired. If plans are not available I will construct as close as I can. The first step is to contact me and we will take it from there. All quotes are obligation free, if upon completion you do not like the look of the model you do not have to purchase. In addition to constructing buildings I also repaint and decal fuel tankers to an Australian style. As well as in Australian HO I also model in British OO. Examples shown on photo pages.

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