This is the Rosie at around 10 weeks.aaggghhhaa
This is the Rose helping out on the Ukelele. 10 weeks
Back to MUM....
Rosie in her Bulldog overalls..
And this is Rosie taking it easy on the Couch.
this Is Rosie helping out her Dad at a Bomba gig in Tassie
flying the flag...

Rosie's Pals from Northcote.. From Rosie is Isabella looking very cute then Fynn being a bit pushy then Oliver and Danae looking the wrong way.

10 whole months
2 front teeth
clapping hands

20 months old at

the kitchen table

20 month old cow girl,
note the iron mark in the carpet...perfect.

This is 'Her Royal Cuteness' at an ancient 2 weeks of age....