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All of my web sites have been redeveloped in early 2008, I apologise for any in convenience this causes and hope this page helps you locate what you were looking for. This is a collection of pages about my personal interests, in the revamp a lot of things were moved to new homes but everything is still online somewhere.

Colac Otway Web is a community orientated web site to promote business and tourism in the region. Trades and Services is a dedicated to servicing the Colac region, the Great Ocean Road and the Otway Ranges. The Colac Otway Travel Directory has all of the holidays, accommodation, attractions, tours and entertainment for the Colac Otway Region as well as the latest News and Sport and weather.

Sick of being harassed by Police pointing radar guns at you and saying you were speeding when you were not! Read why you are probably correct and how, why, when and where radar WILL give incorrect readings. Read our pages on Police Radar compiled from Government sources that cleary say why you are being ripped off.

The menu to the left will take you to the main sections of this site and some pages that have links to some wesites usefull for web site developers. Building the Colac Otway Web directory and Coweb Biz required extensive research. Most of the information to create the sites has been saved somewhere for reference. Have a look around there is plenty of useful info to fossick through from cars, bikes, computers, software and Internet.