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The cars and projects section of this web site is where I put all of the bits I am doing in the workshop.

Little is happening in the workshop at the moment I am busy developing the Colac Otway Web site and tidying up this section as well. As well as limiting the time available to add more content to this section all projects have stopped until the site is finished. By the end of winter this will change when the web site is completed. I will have an excellent excuse to start a new project. "Love I have to spend a few bucks on a car project needed for the web site". Sound familiar?

The Photo Gallery is up and running so a lot of car pictures will be added over the coming months.

Sick of the fat ar..e pollies picking your pocket? Have alook at this website Radar Rip Off as it develops. Seen how much speeding fines are now? We intend to prove, show and educate ALL (even the fat ar..s) how the technology is applied incorectly. Send us all the useful references you can find - this will help get us going quicker and save us all some bucks.

Shortly before I started driving a car there were no speed limits and the world was a better and a safer place. In those days when a car hit a power pole it would break. Often the pole would cost more to fix than the car. Safety and the cruelty on our roads (Police on the highway misusing speed camera and radar technology) promted me to publish the draft chapters a book. Read it online now - Driving to survive everyday mishaps. It is intended to improve your driving skills so you can drive faster - safely. In fact speed isn't the killer it is made out to be. The inability of people, cars and roads to perform as they should is one of the major problems. Our section about Driving Technique will change the views of some, improve the driving skills of others and spawn more bull...t escuses from the fat ar..s but hopefully it will have the desired effect and save lives.

I quote Harold Marshall 1975 - "We all make mistakes every time we drive, we just hope the next mistake isnt the last". We hope to teach you how to detect danger, avoid incidents and prepare you for the next contest with fate.

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