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Regional Directories

Directories make it easier for users to locate resources in a specific region. As the volume of information available on the net increases it becomes harder to locate the most relevent information. Can too much information bad? It is when you have to sift through thousands of results to locate anything useful.

We have created a multi tiered directory service that integrates with the UgliiFind business register. VicSearch Diectory, Coweb Manager and the BlogBank use the same datasource to deliver search results from a variety of categories. The categories available on each site are selected to provide a unique set of resources aligned to the site visitors needs.

The concept of the Directory Manager is to control search facilties accross multiple sites from a single point. This saves everyone time updating, locating and using the system. Other websites are welcome to build lists of links that are suitable for their web site.

Over 100 categories so we have everything covered for travel, Internet, home, offfice, free stuff. Coweb Manager has the widest range of categories so have a look for yourself. If you want to locate a business near you use the spatial locator at VicSearch Info.