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Geocities Colac Site Maps

Geocities is a very free hosting service provided by Yahoo. We have provided Site Maps for all of the main sites we maintain.

This site is a provides a full list of all Colac Otway Web sites and services available online. We operate several web sites on free web hosts to demonstrate each servers restrictions and capabilities. Some sites have banner advertising. The services provided by each host varies with php, cgi and mySQL available in some cases.

Colac Otway Web has been designed to promote businesses in the Colac Otway Region. Linking local resources from a central web site provides an increase in exposure for all participants. The Trades and Services directory delivers local traders web sites to users with minimal fuss.

Stage 3 of our services have been operational since April 2006 and development will continue indefinitely. Stage 4 will be completed shortly providing an e-commerce facility for use by all local traders advertise their products and services online. The completion of stage 4 in March 2008 will improve the way we service local business and visitors to the Colac Otway Web.

Dates are estimates that may be defered to ensure the product conform to user requirements. All Colac Otway region business operators are encouraged to become involved. This directory provides a listing for each web server with a brief description of the web site and the services it provides. Some servers host more than 1 website and each site has its own domain or sub domain name to provide easy easy navigation for users.