7 course lute

after G. Hieber
Soundboard: European Spruce
Back: Tasmanian Blackwood

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Thumbnail: 7 course back view Thumbnail: 7 course pegbox detail Thumbnail: 7 course neck joint detail Thumbnail: 7 course front view

11 course lute

after Railich
Soundboard: European Spruce
Back: European Maple

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Thumbnail: 11 course side view Thumbnail: 11 course top view Thumbnail: 11 course rose detail

14 course Liuto Attiorbato

after Christofolo Choc, circa 1630 (Victoria and Albert Museum, London)
String length: 57cm / 87cm
Back and neck inlay: 15 ribs, Macassar Ebony and European Maple
Soundboard: German Spruce
Fret board: Macassar Ebony and ivory substitute (Micarta)

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Thumbnail: Liuto Attiorbato back view Thumbnail: Liuto Attiorbato front view Thumbnail: Liuto Attiorbato marquetry detail Thumbnail: Liuto Attiorbato rose detail Thumbnail: Liuto Attiorbato engraving detail

7 course lutes to rent

If you are attracted to the idea of playing the lute but want to test your aptitude before investing in one, leasing may help you decide.

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