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Tasmanian Middle Eastern Dance Festival Booking Form
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Select your workshop.
All workshop fees and floorshow tickets are strictly non-refundable
unless workshop or event is cancelled by Zahira.
By enrolling, you are agreeing to these terms.
If you sell your spot to someone else,
please let us know so as to avoid confusion at the workshop.

$5 discount on all workshops if paying before Sept 1st, 2013.

FREE bazaar ticket if you purchase four or more workshops.

Lebanese Pop - Amera - $55.00
Amera Style Technique - Amera - $55.00
Classical Modern Tarab - Amera - $42.00
Shake that Tambourine - Virginia - $44.00
Hot Balkan Fusion -
Virginia - $44.00
Shifty Tsiftitelli -
Virginia - $36.00
Venus Club - Idell -$44.00
Double Veil - Idell - $44.00
60s Inspired Belly Dance
Trisnasari - $44.00
Belly Dancer's Forum -
Trisnasari - $24.00

Nubian Inspired Choreography -
Trisnasari - $44.00
I will consider my health and fitness while attending this workshop / class and participate accordingly.
(must be ticked)

Bazaar Ticket Nov 16th
General Admission $10
number of tickets

Bazaar Ticket
Nov 16th 2013
Performer $5.00
number of tickets

We look forward to seeing you!

required within 7days of booking please

Those wishing to pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal will be contacted within 24 hours of booking.

Please make money order / cheque payments out to 'Zahira's Belly Dance Bazaar' and send to PO Box 239, Exeter, Tas. 7275.

Payment Method

If you have problems sending off this form, please
email Zahira with your phone number and she will contact you directly to handle your enrolment.