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Zahira's Belly Dance
Classes & Events

Phone: 0417 502 326 - Razi

Phone: 0418 139 826 - Zahira

Payments for classes can be made via bank deposit,
Paypal, cheque or money order.
Classes in Exeter and Launceston.

Belly Dance Workshops
With international teacher Paola Blanton

June 24th, 2018

Venue: 88 Paterson St Launceston

Zahira's Belly Dance Bazaar is excited to be bringing international teacher, Paola Blanton to Launceston again.
Her workshops were a hit when she taiught at the Tasmanian Middle Eastern Dance Festival and places are sure to sell out quickly this time.

Who is Paola Blanton? In her own words:
1I take pride in my heritage, research, and lifetime of study in Dance, Theatre and the Humanities.
Performance technique and theatricality play important roles in my teaching -
through the use of imagery, breath work, solar plexus work, gesture, and character-play.

My experience as a Middle and High School Drama teacher and devotee of Physical Theatre inform my teaching techniques at every level.
I believe the art of the Dance should educate the whole individual, engaging the spirit,
imagination and emotions as well as the body in a celebration of self-discovery and expression.

My work has featured in many international festivals such as the WAMED (Australia), Majma (UK), Tasmanian Middle Eastern Dance Festival (Austraila),
AIBCC (Canada), UNESCO World Dance Congress, and the Sphinx Festival in Egypt.
I am a co-founder of the yearly Ethno Square Balkan Music and Dance Festival in Berovo, Macedonia, my hometown.

Venue: Girl Guide Hall at 88 Paterson St, Launceston

Cost: $75 each workshop or $210 if attending all three.
Payments are due by June 12th. Due to the costs of bringing an international teacher to Tasmania,
payments are non-refundable unless the workshops are cancelled by the organiser.
Payments can be made via Paypal and Bank Transfer (preferred).

10:00am - 12:00pm -Drum Solo Choreography
Fun, unusual accents give this drum solo upbeat energy and spice.
Staccato beats and shimmies mix with expressive stops for a lively show-topper!

12:00pm - 12:45pm - Lunch.
Bring your own or shops are a 10 minute walk.

12:45pm - 2:45pm - Theatrical Oriental Solo
Set to the powerful, orchestral Leila’s Song, this evocative arrangement takes advantage of every
dramatic variation the music has to offer for expression ranging from Self, Universe, to Earth and Human levels.
Includes solar plexus awareness work, breath work, and rich imagery to help the dancer access her innate theatricality.
It encourages telling a story through the movements and is a great bridging of theatre and belly dance.

3:15 - 5:15 - Aashek: Shaabi Sensation!
Intermediate steps blend in a colourful arrangement of Hoda’s hit song. This choreography can be performed as a strong shaabi piece
or as Melaya LAff / Shaabi performance. We will learn this choreography without the melaya but students
will have a chance at the end to dance the routine with a melaya.
BYO melaya or large piece of material.

Bring: Bottle of water. Lunch. Notepad and pen.

Class fees are strictly non-refundable unless workshop is cancelled).
Payments can be made by dir dep and Paypal.

Contact Zahira - 0418 139 826 / with any questions.

Email: Zahira

Zumba in Exeter

Mondays at 9:30am
Tuesdays at 10:00am

Venue: Exeter Please contact Zahira for the details.
Cost: $10 (cash only). Attend 10 classes and your 11th class is FREE.

Ditch the workout and come join the party!

Email: Zahira

Zumba in Riverside

Wednesdays at 6:05pm

Venue: Community Hall, Windsor Precinct, Riverside Launceston Please contact Zahira for the details.
Cost: $10 (cash only). Attend 10 classes and your 11th class is FREE.

Ditch the workout and come join the party!

Email: Zahira


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Phone: 0418 139 826 - Zahira

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