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Booking a Workshop in Your Area with Zahira


Zahira is an experienced belly dance teacher and performer. She is happy to travel to your area to teach a workshop in Belly Dance or Bollywood.
For information on the costs involved in sponsoring Zahira for workshops in your area please Email: Zahira.
If possible, include an approximation of the skill level of the students who will be attending and what you would like covered in the workshops.
Zahira is happy to give suggestions on workshops if you are not sure.

Zahira Swan Hill


Zahira is an Accredited Teacher of
Keti Sharif's A-Z Combinations
* Original and Advanced *


A- Z Combinations

What is A-Z ? A to Z is a series of 26 combinations created by Western Australian dancer, Keti Sharif to make choreographing easier.
They are easy to remember and can be used in endless ways to create dynamic belly dance choreographies. They range in level from basic to advanced.
There are two collections of 26 A-Z Combinations. One collection is called the Original and the other is the Advanced Stage. Zahira is certified to teach both.

How long does it take to learn? The A-Z tuition is offered by Zahira in two formats as a weekly course or as a workshop.

Weekly Course: The routines are taught over two courses of 10 weeks (one hour each week). In the first course you'll learn A-M and in the second course you'll learn the remaining routines, O-Z.
Each letter will be broken down and built upon until you have a complete, flowing routine.
Previous routines will be revised each week and a fun practice choreography will also be taught, gradually growing each week as the letters progress.

The occasional group activity will also be given, encouraging students to begin utilising and transforming their knowledge of the A-Z routines
so that they can immediately begin to incorporate them into their choreographies.

Workshop: The A-Z Combinations can also be taught over a weekend of workshops. Content is the same as for the weekly course with the choreography
and group activity components dependant on time allowance. I am happy to travel.

Can I sponsor a shorter workshop? If you would like to sponsor a shorter workshop, Zahira is happy to teach the routines that can be fitted into this time slot, however they must be taught in the correct sequence.
For example, within a two hour workshop A-E can be covered but not A, B, F, K, M.

Contact Zahira: If you would like to sponsor a workshop in your area or would like to know when the next A-Z course is being run email Zahira for details.


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