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Scarab Necklace

#NE03 - Not only a lovely necklace but would look great adorning a tribal turban. Blue, white & red coloured beads with gold colour metal

Normally - $39.95
One in stock for only $32.00

Scarab Necklace

Coin Necklace Coin Necklace

#GCNE01 - Lovely gold colour necklace with large ornamental coins. Coin diam is approx 3cm / almost 1 1/4 inches.
Was $39.00 - NOW $30.00


#NE04 - Coin Necklace. Gold or silver colour. Matching earrings available.
Was $22.95. Now only $16.50



# TRINEC - Triangles Necklace. Gold colour. Three triangles with flower embellishments. We currently only have two of these in stock. Don't miss out!

Was $24.95 - NOW $18.00

Flower  Necklace

Flower Necklace Flower Necklace

#FNE01 - Triangle of flower design with bell fringe.
Silver colour - Was $24.95 - NOW $18.00

Coin Necklace

#NE01 - silver colour- Was $36.95 - NOW $32.00

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Coin Necklace

Necklace Necklace

#NE02 - Gold colour Was $39.00 - NOW $32.00


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