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Shimmy belts, headdresses, mesh bras, armlets and more...

PO Box 239,
Tasmania 7275

Ph/Fax +61 3 6394 3157

Phone: 0418 139 826

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Coin Belt

#CB08 - This belt is a silver colour with small coins - $69.95

Blue Belt

Large Coin Belt Belt - Large Coins

#COBEL - Rows of small coins make up the top section of this belt. Loopy chains with large coins dangle from it. Silver colour. - $74.95
Now only $55.00

Limited stock. Please email for availablility.


#BB01 - Bell Belt (with 4 loops) - gold or silver colour - $43.94
Now $38


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Coin Belts

#CB01 - Single coin row. Gold or silver colour - $27.50
#CB02 - Looped coin belt. Gold or silver colour. Small - $43.94
#CB03 - Looped belt (as CB02). Not pictured. Large - $54.94
#CB05 - Coins & stars - 5 triangles). Gold colour - $55.00
Coin Belts

Beaded Coin Belt

#BEB02 Silver colour with reddish brown beads.
Also available with blue beads.
89cm / 35 inches                - $44.95

Beaded Belt2

Beaded Belt Coin Belt

#CBS01 - Coin Belt. Silver only.
                - Normally $66.00.

One in stock for only $44.00

Beaded Belt

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