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Zahira's Belly Dance Bazaar
Belly Dance Wear

All prices listed are in Australian dollars and include the 10% Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax).
For overseas customers, the GST will be deducted from your order prior to processing.

Beaded Headdress

#HD03 - Beaded Headdress. Currently we have red.
                Modelled by Katrina - $33.00
Beaded Headdress


#HD01 - Headdress (mesh). Gold or silver colour - $34.95

One in stock in a dark gold colour (not a shiny, bright gold) for only $20.

Mesh Headdress & Snake Armlet Coin Headdress & Lotus Armlet

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#HD02 - Headdress with small coins at back. Gold or silver colour - $34.95 (Veil - not included.)

Armlet / Anklet Coin Armlet / Anklet - (left)

#EGTAA - Gold colour. Normally $36.95

Special Price - now only $22.00 each.

Coin Anklet / Foot with toe chain - (right)

#CAF01 - Gold colour. - $48.95
Now only $30.00!


Snake Armlet

#SNARM - Silver colour.



Loopy Chain Anklet

#ALCH Silver colour. Two bells on the clasp - $8.95

Silver Colour Anklet

Silver Colour Cuffs

Tribal Cuff


Great for Tribal style.
Several styles in stock -
$12.95 ea or $24 for 2

 Tribal Pendant

#TBL3 $38.50

Bell anklet

#BASM - This lovely anklet makes a wonderful sound. Available in gold or silver colour. $10.95
 Bell Anklet

Coin Bra


Silver colour coin bra with lopps of coins and crescent dangles in the middle. Only one in stock.
Feel free to email for a close up pic of the coins - $77.00


Coin Bra close up Coin Bra

#BR02 - Silver colour. Available in a small and a large. - $74.95
Coin Bra


#BR01 - Chain Bra - gold or silver colour - $46.20
One gold colour bra and one silver colour bra in stock for only $35.00 each.

#PA01 - Chain Pants to match bra. Same colours - $46.20

Bell Bracelet

Cuffs / Bracelets
Bell Bracelet
Hinged opening.


#TBL1 Top - $39.95

#TBL2 Bottom - $34.95
Tribal Bracelets

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