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Belly Dance
Belly Dance Wear

Beaded Bra & Belt Set
Beaded Bra
This beautifully made set is a size 14.
Fringing is made from strands of small beads with gold coloured pailletes attached.


SPECIAL PRICE - Now only $400

Beaded Belt

Beledi Dress Blue Beaded Midriff Top
#BD02 - Short sleeves. Black with vertical metallic threads and gold coloured pailletes. Splits at sides. $75.00

Beledi Dress
BDTO1 - Blue short sleeved, stretch velvet top. Gold and blue beading.
Size 10 - small 12. $96.00

Blue Top

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Budget Bedlah
Great for students. Two sets in stock.

#BBG - Bra and Belt set. Gold colour coins and beads. Size 10-12 B / C cup.


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Beaded Dress Fishnet Body Stocking
Beaded Dress #BD01 - Red, blue, green or black -
Black Only

One size fits 4'10" to 5'9" (90 - 145 lbs) .
Bra and undies in photo are not part of
the body stocking.


Embroidered Vest
For the drummers.

#EV01 - Heavily embroidered vest. Very colourful.
The vest has no size tag but the model in the picture is an Australian size 12. Could also fit someone a little bit bigger.

Vest Back

2 piece costume
Red Velvet Costume 2pc

#RCOS1 - Only one of this colour in stock.
Red top and belt.
Gold and red coloured sequins and beads.
Size 10 - small 14.


Yellow Set

Top and belt - patterns of beads and sequins. Colours in patterns are silver, bronze and clear - $154.00

Yellow Costume


#BGFR01 Glamourous gold colour bedlah with lots of beaded fringing.
Fits Australian sizes 10 -12. D cups. Comes with extra hooks for size alterations - $495.00



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