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All videos sold are PAL format, which is commonly used in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.
All DVDs are No Region.

Wings of Ayshe DVD

Instructional DVD

Wings Instruction
In this 2 hour plus workshop, Ayshe offers masterful advice on the
most crucial aspects of working with the Wings, such as developing flexibility
of the spine and correct execution of movements
based on spinal wave, arms positions and articulation.



60 minutes

Dahlena - Dance Styling for an Opening Number

Dahlena Video

Volume 1 in the American Dancer / Middle Eastern Dance Series.
PAL Format video

- $69.95

Nagwa Fouad Performance Video

approx. 66 minutes

The Second International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance starring Nagwa Fouad

also featuring
* Suzanna del Vecchio
* Shareen el Safy
* Arabesque Dance CO
* Ghazal Rohani
* Angelika's Reperatory CO
* Cassandra
* Katia

VHS / PAL format.


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Nagwa Video

Instructional DVD

Mastering the Dance by Amar Gamal

Amar Gamal

Learn a complete Egyptian Pop choreography from Superstar, Amar Gamal. Her Cuban heritage and Classical training blend to make her style full of spice, grace and elegance. Spend over an hour with Amar Gamal in a private lesson as she gives you 10 unique combinations infused with her breathtaking style guaranteed to take your dance to the next level. An articulate breakdown of each step is followed by a demonstration, repetition and practice with music. At the end of instruction, Amar performs the complete choreography in costume, followed by an additional bonus performance! Music used for choreography is from “Ya Tabtab Wa Dalla” by Nancy Ajram. Special features include a warm-up, practice, choreography, chapter selections, Amar Gamal's biography and an interactive menu.


Basic Rhythms for Arabic Drum with Uncle Mafufo - $52.00

Uncle Mafufo's classic doumbek video is now on DVD. The rhythmic modes are presented in his same easy-to-grasp language, patient instruction, close-up visual detail, and illustrative solos. The rhythms are printed on the back cover for an easy list to refer to. The DVD is full of information and is 59 minutes long. At the end of the DVD we have added a bonus performance to enjoy. Beginning to Intermediate. The rhythms are: Ayoob, Karachi, Malfoof, Saudi (Khaligi), Maksoom, Sahidi, Beledi, Wahed Tawila (Wahida), Vals, Zebula (Darig), Masmoodi Kabir, Chiftitelli, Karsilama, and the Gypsy rhythm Romany 9 (Sulukule).

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Arabic Drum

Tribal Revolution - Performance DVD

approx. 92 minutes

The constantly evolving world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance is known for its innovative artistry and emotive expressions. Combining the cultural with the mystical, the dark with the intimate; Revolution presents an unprecedented cast of Tribal Fusion artists. Costumes inspired by the beautiful and underground meet enigmatic music from musicians such as: Solace, Mosavo, The Toids, Sxip Shirey and more!


Revolution DVD

Regionless DVD

'Ali' with Sahira - $44.00


From the creator of Arabian Spices comes another intermediate-level choreography, Ali: a fast-paced, upbeat number that combines movements from Bhangra,
West African, Spanish, and Tribal Fusion Dance. The choreography is broken down into 14 separate combinations.
Each one is demonstrated, then taught slowly with attention given to technical isolations.
They are repeated with counts and then with music and small groups of combinations are reviewed together to build the complete choreography.

The DVD also includes a special section on improvisational Spanish skirt combinations, breaking down both the movements and the cueing and transitioning process.
These movements are reviewed and drilled several times in an improvisational format. Over two hours of instruction in all!
The DVD ends with a special troupe performance of Ali by members of Urban Gypsy.

Advanced Oriental Dance

Zahra Zuhair

An advanced Oriental Dance class with Zahra Zuhair.

VHS / PAL format or DVD (No Region).
Suitable for use within Australia.

Normally $61.95 -One in stock for only $42.00

Hossam Ramzy presents Visual Melodies

approx. 92 minutes

Egyptian belly dance featuring Serena. Visual Melodies shows three different routines and focuses on giving you a step by step
understanding of the construction of each one.

DVD only

Was $55.00 - Now only $50.00

Visual Melodies


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