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A Little Indulgence
Belly Dance Wear

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Scarves Zills


#SCPUR Shiny material with purple pailettes and beads.
- $77.00

Hip Scarf
Hip Scarf Hip Scarf - This lovely rectangular scarf comes in blue, black and red with six double rows of coins. Measures 168cm. Coined section in middle is approx 80cm.
Was $99.00 - Now only $85.00

Hip Scarf - Also available in red and orange with four double rows of gold colour coins.
Was $89.00 - Now only $75.00

Hip Scarf - This beautiful triangular scarf comes in pink or black with gold colour coins.
- $45.00
Hip Scarf
Hip Scarf Hip Scarf - This lovely triangular scarf comes in red with gold beaded loop fringe.
- $82.95

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Hip Scarf - This beautiful red scarf is decorated with gold, black, blue, silver
and green coloured beads.
- $89.00
Hip Scarf
Wine Scarf Wine Hip Scarf

#HSLB - Rectangular hip scarf. Lots of beading - $62.95

Blue Scarf

#BLUELEO This scarf has a leopard print look. Blue beads and gold colour coins.
- $71.95
Blue Scarf
Tulip Scarf Tulip Scarf

Triangular scarf with tulip print. Beaded edges.

Only $71.95


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