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A Little Indulgence
Belly Dance Wear

All prices listed are in Australian dollars and include the 10% Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax).
For overseas customers this will deducted from your order prior to processing.

Fringe Beaded Fringe - Red beaded fringe.
15cm / 6 inches.

- $74.95 mtr


Gorgeous sequined appliques.
Great for costume making.

- were 12.00each. NOW $7.00 each.

*Please email if you would like any close up pics.


Performance Make Up

# WMM Monotone Make Up for women - simply apply with a damp sponge. Dries in seconds, leaving a matt finsih. Perspirant resistant. Easily removed with soap and water. Not recommended for sensitive skin   - $22.95

Also available for men. Code #MMM

Monotone Make Up

Bugle Beads

Gold colour bugle beads. Approx 12mm.
Packet of 100

- $2.45

Scarab Beetle Beads

#SCBEA - $2.20 each or 10 for $20.00 Go To Order Form

Hand and Foot Covers

Velvet with sequins and beads. Several colours available - $28.95 set

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Pink Set Green Set

Henna Stencil - (re-usable) - $3.95 or $7.50 for 2
Packets - $7.50 for 2 pkts (can be mixed) or $14.00 for 4 pkts (can be mixed)

Available in Egyptian Musk, Myrrh or Nag Champa.

Gift Set
#IGS - $9.95

40 sticks of incense plus small incense holder. Fragrances are Rainforest, Frankincense
or Sandalwood. Please mention preference when ordering
Incense Incense

Beaded Disc

Beaded Disc
Beaded Discs

#BDC01 - Yellow disc $14.00
#BDC02 - Blue Disc $14.00

3 packets of bindis in assorted styles and colours. Assortment may vary from those pictured depending on stock.


Teacher / Troupe Discount.
Buy 25 packets for only $41.00

Fancy Bindis


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