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A Little Indulgence
Belly Dance Wear

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Bedlah Book
Bedlah, Baubles and Beads

#Book3 For dancers interested in making a cabaret styled bra and belt set, but want solid information on how to achieve those goals, this is the book! Broken into three sections, the first part focuses on the history of costume,design technique and how to use them to enhance your figure and dance style. The second part focuses on the nuts and bolts of making and beading bra and belt set. The final section includes a design portfolio with fresh innovative costume ideas - $51.95

Now only $46.00

The Art Of Bellydancing - by Keti Sharif

#Book/ks A guide to Middle Eastern Dance, it's music, culture and costume.
58 pages $25.00

Now only $20.00

Belly Dance Book


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