Hi! My name is Raymond but my drumming friends call me Razi :)

I am the lead drummer and an original member of Zahira and The Drum Frenzy.

Since starting with Zahira and The Drum Frenzy in early '98, I have performed on several occasions. My favourite performances would be Harmony Day and at the opening of the Three Peaks Race. It had long been a dream of mine to drum for a group of dancers and now I'm doing it :-) I hope to keep learning new rhythms to entertain our audiences.

This is not always easy as there are no drum teachers in northern Tasmania and none that I know of in the south. This means scouring the net and anywhere else I can for rhythms and new techniques. On occasions I've been able to travel to Melbourne for lessons or to entice a teacher down from the mainland.

If there is anybody out there that would like to travel to Launceston to teach a drum workshop or two please give me an Email .

I started off playing an aluminium tabla in Arabic style rhythms. Then making and playing my own djembes from solid tree trunks.

Check out my Drums page .