Vegetarian Guide to Tasmania

In my experiences as a vegetarian, there are few options in Northern Tasmania for vegetarian dining. Unfortunately there's not a lot of tolerance for those of us with special dietary requirements. There's an attitude of "a little bit of meat won't hurt you" or "why don't you just pick the meat out?" Sound familiar?

Some businesses appear totally clueless as well so don't take anything at face value. A dish may be advertised as vegetarian but on further enquiry you may find out that it has chicken stock or something equally ridiculous in it.

The following list shows places that are happy to cater for vegetarians. However it does not include those places that just give you a sandwich, a salad or a plate (or sometimes a bowl) of vegetables. Too many times I've bought a meal of vegetables only to realise I'm eating potato cooked three different ways (mashed, baked and chips). Boring!

I look for dishes that have no meat, chicken or seafood in them. I also don't eat cheese or cream but I do eat the occasional bit of dairy and eggs (that may be in a cake or biscuits).

In some instances a selection of dishes are available while others may offer only one or two.

These are my opinions only and I receive nothing from the businesses mentioned. Please make sure to mention this site when visiting any of the establishments. The more businesses who become aware of vegetarian requirements, the more options that will become available to us.

Devonport - eating out / take away

I've never had much luck finding a restaurant / cafe / take-away that caters for vegetarians in this area. The best I've found so far is a hotel where I ate a plate of vegetables
and a restaurant that had several vegetarian options but the one I chose was served to me burnt!
If you know of a place, please let me know and I'll check it out when I'm next in the area.

Georgetown - take away

I recently spent an afternoon in Georgetown trying to find something to eat. Not much luck unless you want to eat something with cheese in it or you're only after a sandwich. One shop suggested a spring roll! I had to point out to them that spring rolls are actually a meat product. In the end I had a sandwich made up at a cafe. Nothing exciting, which is why I can't recommend anyone in Georgetown.

If you go to Georgetown and have better luck than me, please let me know.

Exeter - take away

Exeter Bakery - Main Rd
Am not sure whether I should be including this business. I went there once asking for a vegie pastie only to be offered a chicken pie! I decided never to go back there, however I relented and tried the bakery again many months later. They had a lovely vegie pastie but they' ve since changed it and I don't like it anymore.
If you give them a go, please let me know the results.

Update 15 / 12/ 06
I received an email from Helen recommending a Vegetarian Potato Pie that she had tried there. I've known about the Potato Pie as it's been on the menu for about a year now and I agree that it is very yummy, however I hadn't written about it on the site because the pie is so rarely available that it's just not worth mentioning. It seems that they don't make it often and when they do, there are so few that they sell out straight away.
I went there today and it wasn't even lunch time yet and they'd already sold out. I then asked for a Vegetarian Savoury Roll. They only had one left.

The pastie is mentioned as that is the most likely to be available (probably cause it's not as nice as the other offerings).

Launceston - eating out / take away

Aamarpali - Hobart Rd
Indian restaurant with vegetarian options. Take-away available.

Bento Box - Morty's Complex, Wellington St
Added 26 / 1 /10
Yummy vegetarian sushi. Can get an assorted box for $7.00.
Only thing I don't like is that the sushi tends to fall apart very easily.

Burger Got Soul - Charles St, Launceston
A small selection of vegetarian burgers and what's more, they don't cook them on the same grill as the meaty burgers.
Stay away from the chips though as they're not vegetarian.
If you're vegan, the burgers may not be suitable as I think the patties have egg in them.

Canton Restaurant - Charles St
There's only about three vegetarian meals on the menu but there are more on offer. Ask the waitress.
My favourite is the Mushroom, Tofu and Vegetable Hot Pot. Yum!

Take-away available.

Country Club Resort - Links Restaurant
Added 26 / 07 / 04
Originally intending to try their buffet, I was disappointed that it contained few vegetarian options. Even the Potato and Leek soup had chicken and bacon in it (why on earth both???)
but they redeemed themselves with the lovely dish I ordered from their menu. It was a Pumpkin Curry with Lemon Rice and Atta Bread.
Okay, I know, not another curry! This one was a very mild curry, so mild that it didn't really taste like a curry to me but it was very nice all the same.
If you're a vegan, the dish wouldn't be suitable as it does have butter in it. Generous serving.

Edge Cafe - Brisbane St
Open lentil burger with salad.

Elaia - Charles St
In their all day breakfast menu, they have Oven Roasted Mushrooms on thick toast with Balsamic Vinegar.
Ask for the ricotta to be left off if you don't eat cheese. They also have a similar looking dish made with tomatoes instead of mushrooms.
Do not eat their Mushroom Risotto. During several visits, this dish was recommended to me as vegetarian
by the staff, however I was told afterward that it has anchovies and fish oil in it.
I only recommend going there for breakfast.

Fresh - Charles St
Added 17 / 07 / 08
A vegetarian cafe with many vegan and gluten free choices. I am currently working my way through their menu.
They make a great pumpkin dip.

Indian Empire Restaurant - 64 George Street
Added 13 / 10 / 04
Menu has a vegetarian section with ten dishes. Their garlic naan was disappointing but I didn't mind the Vegetable Jaipuri.

Maharajah's - Morty's Food Hall
Added 17 / 07 / 08
I am adding this outlet because they have vegetarian options however I cannot say that I like their food. Take-away available.

Nature's Works - Charles St
Small but yummy range of hot vegetarian pies and a pastie (take away). Can also be purchased cold to eat later.

Pickled Evenings - George St
Added 17 / 07 / 08
Menu has a vegetarian section with several dishes. Be careful though as they class seafood dishes as vegetarian.
Their menu is a source of entertainment in itself as it is designed as a newspaper with several articles.
I didn't like it though that their naan comes to the table cut into quarters. There is something 'satisfying' in tearing naan apart with your hands.
So much so, that it's a disappointment when you don't get to do it.

Sushi to Go - Charles St
Added 26 / 1 /10
Yummy vegetarian sushi.

Star of Siam - Charles St
Added 2 / 09 / 04
Menu has a vegetarian section with several dishes. I chose Pad Khing Tao Hoo, a lovely dish of stir fried bean curd with fresh ginger, mushroom, onion and shallots.
I would suggest double checking the suitablility of a dish with the waiting staff when ordering as some of the meals have oyster sauce.
I was also informed by the waiter of a dish that isn't really vegetarian but appears in the vegetarian section of the menu (something about an ingredient in the curry).

I don't recommend...

I have long ago given up buying pizzas. I was always picking through my pizzas for the bits of ham that inevitably ended up on my vegetarian pizza.
No amount of complaints ever helped. I was horrified one day when I found a full slice of salami in my pizza.

Thai Bazaar - Morty's, Wellington St
I enquired about the ingredients in their sauces and discovered they have either fish or oyster sauce in them.

Tiger Grill - Morty's, Wellington St
Their falafel comes out of a fridge and then is toasted in the bread with the salad. Due to this, you either have soggy salad or a cold falafel.
I enquired about their vegie burger and it is cooked in a deep fryer that they also cook meat in.

When purchasing a pastie or pie at any of the bakeries be sure that they are vegetarian. One popular place puts chicken chaser in their vegetable pies. Why?

Scottsdale - take away

In my experience, if you're travelling to Scottsdale, it's best to take your own food with you. However, if that's not an option try the Vegie Burger at the Steakhouse.
I was surprised to find a steakhouse offering a vegetarian alternative but it's not bad!
If you don't eat cheese, remember to ask them to leave it out.

Ulverstone - take away

Jade Willow - Reibey Street
Chinese restaurant. There is a vegetarian section on their menu with several dishes.

Launceston - shops

Delicacy - Canning St
Delicatessen - specialty breads, olives, wholefoods etc.


Yorktown Organics
Buy straight from the farm. Organic berries, vegies and salad produce. Yummy jam.

Southern Tasmania

Hobart - eating out / take away

Cafe Namaskar - Kingston
Indian restaurant with several vegetarian options. My only complaint is that the food took a very long time to come to the table.
We were sitting there wishing we'd bought take away as many customers entered, ordered and left with their take away while our wait grew longer and longer.
The cafe gave a us a free plate of rice for the wait but I don't think I'd bother hanging around a second time if it happened.

Flavour of India - Macquarie St
Yummy! Take - away menu available.

Magic Curries - Hampden Road
I suppose you've noticed a pattern here? Yes, a lot of the restaurants listed are Indian.
I love Indian food and theres always a vegetarian section in the menu.
Take - away menu available.

Sirens - 6 Victoria St
Hobart's only full vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options available. I highly recommend this restaurant. The worst thing about this place is trying to choose only one dish from a full menu of yummy meals.

Taj Mahal - 340 Elizabeth St
Updated 13 / 02 / 07
A vegetarian section on their menu with 10 dishes. I've tried the Vegetable Korma which I found to be quite yummy but my pappadum was undercooked and the naan bread was 'doughy'.
Another time I went there, my meal was very oily.
I've heard mixed reviews about this restaurant. However most have been raving about the food which is why I have included this restaurant on the list.
Take - away menu available.

Tandoor & Curry House - Harrington St
Generous sized servings. Take - away menu available.


Melbourne - eating out / take away

Gopals - Swanston St, Central Melbourne
I can't remember much about this restaurant but they do cater for vegetarians.

Melbourne - City Centre
I was there recently and couldn't find a suitable restaurant. One night in particular, I spent 1 1/2 hours walking around the restaurants asking if they could cater for me. I ended up going back to my hotel and eating cereal!

If you know of, or own a restaurant in the Melbourne city centre that can cater for me, please let me know and I'll check it out the next time I'm over there.

Melbourne - Hotels

Bayview Conference Centre - Clayton
Added 24 / 11 / 04
While I wouldn't recommend it if you have serious allergies (knowing that I'm allergic to tomatoes, the chef still thought it was okay to use them as a garnish), they are happy to cater for vegetarians.

Perth - Hotels

Ibis - King Street
Added 17 / 07 / 04
Revised 11 / 06 / 06

This recommendation has been revised. I was there recently and they have changed their menu, meaning I had a lot of trouble finding something suitable to eat.
I was unimpressed when the waitress suggested fish and chips as a vegetarian option.

Perth - eating out / take away

Annalakshmi - 2nd floor, 12 The Esplanade
Added 11 / 06 / 06
Indian buffet. Pay what you think the meal is worth.

Sydney - eating out / take away

Green Palace - King St, Newtown
Added 11 / 06 / 06
Thai vegetarian restaurant. Don't let the names of the dishes put you off. I was disappointed at first when I saw dishes with chicken etc in their name but then I realised that they 'chicken' wasn't real.

Senario - Cafe Bar in George St,
Added 11 / 06 / 06
After spending at least an hour going to restaurants to see if they catered for vegetarians, I finally chanced upon this place where I was able to order a lovely risotto.