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Zills with Zahira - Threes

Zahira DVD

Beginner to Intermediate Drills DVD - 54 mins

A 'no frills' instructional DVD for dancers with little or no experience with zills / finger cymbals.
Work your way through Zahira's zill drills - each with their own purpose but all designed to have you
dancing and zilling all at the same time!

Comes with a bonus 20 min DVD 'Zills'. Written notes included.

All Region DVD-R


**Special Offer**
Zills with Zahira DVD plus 1 set of 2 inch zills for only $54.95

Zahira: When learning to play and dance with zills, I find that dancers tend to be very hard on themselves.
They practice playing patterns for about ten minutes and then launch into a full choreography,
becoming disillusioned when they find that everything doesn't happen naturally.

My method of teaching is to take everything back to the simplest movement,
gradually building upon it as confidence grows.

Then practice, practice, practice!


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