Leah was born on the 11th July 1991. She lives in Adelaide, S.A.

She started having febrile convulsions when she was 9 months old.
At the age of three, Leah was diagnosed with absence seizures.
Prior to commencing the diet, she was averaging 60 seizures per day and was taking Lamictal and Epilum.

Leah came to Melbourne in February 2000 to commence the ketogenic diet at the RCH.
In mid July this year, Jeanette decided to commence weaning the drugs.

Leah is seizure free & med free.

Leah's story as told by Leah.


Hi, I'm Leah and this is a book about how we fought my epilepsy and how the ketogenic diet has changed my life.

Quick get the ambulance! I was 3 and I had epilepsy and febrile convulsions. They were not fun. I had been born July the eleventh 1991. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 3. My neurologist was doctor Michael Rice. But since then I have been to other neurololgists. My doctor now is Claire Pridmore.Mum and Dad were having a hard time because when me and my sister Rachael were born Mums pelvis split and she had to be in a wheelchair for 9 months. We had a lady come to help us. When Mum didn't need a wheelchair anymore she was still in alot of pain and also had to deal with me having epilepsy.

I was growing older and I was going to school. That's when it got harder for me. I was having 100 seizures a day. I would have to have the teacher hold my hand near roads and it would interrupt my work. My friends didn't understand and they still didn't understand when I explained it to them. Some kids teased me and I would get really upset. There were times when I thought, I am sick of it. Why can't I be like a normal kid.

My Mum had heard about a diet that helps control epilepsy on a program called Good Medicine. She did research on it and asked me if I would go on it. I wasn't quite sure but then I said yes. I was ready to face a challenge! My Mum thought that God had performed a miracle by bringing the diet to her attention and it was.

To start the diet we had to go to Melbourne but we weren't going to start the diet on our first trip. Mum had to meet the dietition so that was fun. Our friend came along too. I really liked her. I mean the dietician. I really liked the markets a lot. I had to have an EEG while we were there.

We were going to Mebourne a second time to start the diet and my Dad and sister were coming too. When we got there I was admitted to hospital and I met Liz the hospital co-ordinator and the neurologist there. My bed was next to a boy named Billy. He had cancer and he was funloving and always tried to scare me by going raaahh! I miss him alot. I vomited in the shower once. My sister didn't want to leave me and she cried every time she had to leave the hospital.

I was really excited to be home! I was now on the diet and having some yummy meals. I was having less seizures now. Mum was cranky because the neurologist had just dumped her. Now she just gets all her help from the ketogenic mailing list. It's good when me and the other kids can write letters to each other.

Well I was having 100 seizures a day and now I am having none. I'm off all my medication. I feel great. Mum has worked really hard seeing she has her own problems. The dietician in Melbourne is having a baby, and has retired, so I now have a new one but I haven't met her yet.

One day I will be totally free and won't need to be on the diet anymore. I'm ten and the diet has changed my life knowing that I'm not the only one on the diet and that I'm not the only one who has suffered.


"By the time I had finished reading this I was awash with tears...tears that released pent up emotions...and tears coz I saw again the miracle that is taking place as my daughter is emerging from the grip of sz'z and medication. Hope you don't mind me sharing this......as the loved ones of these special kids we can all relate to this in some way... "
Jeanette, mum to Leah 10 yrs.

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