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Ian Werfel - Pete Davis - David C

Dateline: 13/08/2012 - IAN WERFEL RELEASES THREE NEW CD's

I have just reviewed three new sequence dance music albums from Ian and can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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I have always been very wary of sequence dance music recordings released by our home grown musician's, preferring to stay with the English CD's of  musicians like David Last, Richard Keeling and Monty Pearce etc but have been pleasantly surprised over the past few years by both the quality of the recordings and the artists themselves. Artists like the late Stuart Riley, the late Daryl Merchant, Walter Willans, Pete Davis and recently, Ian Werfel.

Stuart Riley came first with his pleasant sound, catchy tunes and timing.

Daryl Merchant with his beautiful guitar work and pleasant vocals added another dimension to our dancing and listening pleasure and is sadly missed.

Walter Willans weaves his magic with the keyboard, David C moves us along with his guitar keyboard & vocals, John Colville with his accordion and Pete Davis who gets the dance floor moving with delightful keyboard and vocal work. Now I know most dancers don't like vocals with their dance music and our group is one, but they took to Pete's pleasant voice and great music.

I firmly believe we should be promoting our home grown dance music industry as much as possible and tp that end I've come across another"muso" whom Ibelieve has a great future in Australian Sequence Dance music and would urge you to get behind him to make that true.

I refer to Ian Werfel out of Portland here in Western Victoria. This man has many years of music playing in various bands and has started making recordings of sequence dance music. Apart from the Korg, Roland and Yamaha keyboards he plays so well, he is also very handy on the piano, several trumpets, a cornet, guitar and several piano accordions. He also arranges and records his own CD's and if that isn't enough, he finds time to compose music - a very talented  "muso' indeed.

To date, Ian has eleven cd's - one of all New Vogue (Old Time) waltz tunes, one of mixed Latin rhythms, one of all swing and saunter rhythms, one of Modern Waltz tunes and the remainder are mixed rhythms and tempos - ALL tracks are sequenced. I would urge you to add these cd's to, your dance music library and I'll stick my neck out here and say Ian's cd's are equal to any of the English keyboard players and I don't say that lightly.


Happy Dancing

Don Hetherington


Plays  for Old  Time / New Vogue, Modern and Latin dancing - All in Sequence

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Titles  include  *A Selection of Waltzes - This CD has 31 tracks of New Vogue (Old Time) waltz music

* His Way #1 & #2  * A Selection Of Sequenced Dance Music *Great Variety of Dance Music *Music for Swings and Saunters *Let's Latin *Rippin' Rhythms *Getting Sequenced *Keyboard Magic

CD's are available from Superior Dancing Music or direct from Ian Werfel - phone: 03 5521 7746 or Mobile: 0407 399 300 or email:

PETE DAVIS - Live at Twin Towns

a great addition to your CD library

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This is a set of sequenced dance music CD's that should be in your dance music collection. Most tracks include vocals featuring Pete's pleasant voice, which

compliments the instrumental sound and style all arranged to compliment the music and reminiscent of the 1940's dance bands and most importantly Pete has

nailed the dance tempo's. Well done Pete. There are a total of 40 tracks covering all the popular dance rhythms and tempo's. A worthwhile investment

CD's available direct from Pete at his website -

DAVID C - Sequence Dance Music

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It would seem that the majority of our good dance music musicians hail from Queensland and David Cheales from Brisbane is no exception. David is another

independent recording artist and now has seven Cd's all produced and recorded by himself - three all instrumental and four that are all vocal.

Good tempo's and pleasant sounds combine to make this artists CD's  a worthwhile addition to your dance music library. Being a dancer himself, David

understands the importance of correct tempo's and sequencing of music. David regularly performs at the Twin Towns Services Club.

CD's are available direct from David by phoning 07 3372 9622 or email or alternatively from Superior Dancing Music