Here are thumbnails of some of my model kits I've constructed over a period of time. My preference is for Science Fiction, however there are only so many times you can build space craft so I try something different now and then to apply skills learnt on REAL things. If you would like to see larger versions of the photos just click on them. I've also added some modelling links and Sci-Fi links for those interested.



Some "Real" Stuff



Model Sites and Sci Fi Sites

  Excellent Site for Science Fiction Modellers.

  One of the best Sites to get cheap model kits (all sorts) -  (Aussie).

Gremlins Models - Garage kits, a lot of  figurines. Well worth a look

Melbourne  - Queens Birthday Weekend


 For fans of one of the best realised Spacecraft in Sci-Fi, the Eagle. 

Discussion Forums from Gerry Anderson to General Sci-Fi - Focus on Space 1999


Science Fiction and Fact Sites To Check out

  Learn the latest on what's happening in the world of Sci-Fi.


This has to be the best and most comprehensive B5 site for the best Sci Fi show that ever screened on TV.

Star Wars - The Official Site.


The Official Site.

Star Trek - Only for die hard trekkies (not me) The official Site.

The Official Web Site

  No they don't Need Another Seven Astronauts.