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 A more complete family history service including transcriptions of New South Wales BDM records, retrieval of documents held at the NSW State Records Office, a certificate service for English BDM records and a transcription service for Tasmanian BDM and Scottish records. There is also a link for  Irish and New Zealand BDM records. 


   We offer a New South Wales BDM transcription service, a New South Wales State Records retrieval service, a Tasmanian BDM transcription service and an English certificate retrieval service. . Our service is professional, timely and offers value for money.

   Laurie and Lorraine conduct regular research at the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. As well, we regularly visit the repository of New South Wales State Records at Kingswood. We transcribe Tasmanian BDM records up to 1899 and also retrieve English BDM certificates. We can also give assistance with Scottish and South Australian BDM records.

   As a First Fleeter, Laurie has traced his roots within Australia back to the very earliest days of white settlement. His great great great great grandmother was Ann Colpitts who arrived in New South Wales in 1788. She was one of the first women to give birth in the new colony as she had a baby on the voyage out from England. Branches of this family have various links to our convict and seafaring heritage, harking back to Ireland, Scotland and England. 

   Lorraine's family has an equally interesting lineage tracing back to some of the earliest Jewish immigrants to arrive in this country. Benjamin Nelson arrived in Tasmania from Prussia (now Poland) in the 1820's before doing very well out of the gold rushes in New South Wales. Lorraine's family has links to Poland, Italy, England and Scotland.

   Laurie and Lorraine are passionate about family history. They have both  been tracing their family history for many years. Laurie holds a Diploma in Family History Studies and has completed the Archives Course at NSW State Records. Both Lorraine and Laurie have been teachers in "former lives" and hold relevant qualifications in these fields as well. Both enjoy working with clients to help them solve their research. Lorraine has also conducted courses in family history for U3A.

   Laurie and Lorraine are also available for talks to family history groups, although these need to be booked well in advance.

   We can be contacted on lturtle@iprimus.com.au or (61 2) 4573 1559. Our mailing address is PO Box 144, Kurrajong, NSW 2758.






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